Training Overview:

This two-day media relations training covers the full spectrum of media relations competencies.You will master the media landscape, news values and journalist psychology, and learn innovative media engagement tactics including online.You will refine your spokesperson skills in videotaped role-play interviews, and experience the press in action on a newsroom field visit. The training is based on real cases and trainer`s experience as a press secretary of some leading companies.

Who Should Apply?

This course is recommended for managers, executives, communication and PR professionals seeking a rounded skill-set in handling the media.

Key Topics:

 Media relations as the basis for PR
 Getting ready to “go out”
 The truth about the media and journalists. How to stay friend?
 Tips on releasing and communicating information
 Improving customer loyalty. Special media events
 Measuring your press relations efficiency

Interactive tools:

Video analysis, tests, role playing, writing assignments, group work, business cases, etc.

Program Benefits:

By the end of the course, the participants will:

 Navigate clearly through the landscape of media, journalists and news
 Make strong news judgments to secure prominent coverage
 Pitch stories effectively to journalists to get even borderline stories published
 Engage the media proactively using creative PR platforms and techniques
 Conduct media relations online
 Prepare and coach spokespeople for encounters with journalists
 Give strong and confident media interviews
 Plan and manage press conferences

Program Fee:250 AZN

The program fee cover program tuition and all other written and electronic materials,including certificates.

Duration: 2 days

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