Training Overview:
A call center operator is an “audio shop-window” of a company. Judging by the way an operator communicates, whether he/she observes etiquette the client gets a general impression of the company and what cooperation with it will be like. This training course gives essential rules and skills necessary for professional call center service.
Who Should Apply?
Call Centre Operators and any other personnel communicating with clients over the phone,

Key Topics:

 Definition of service.
 Who is Your customer?
 Effective communication: on the phone vs. face-to-face
 Voice as a main tool of an operator:non-verbal communication skills and voice fitness
 Call center and operator’s duties
 Incoming calls
 Outgoing calls
 Dealing with complicated clients easily

Interactive tools:

Video analysis, tests, role playing, writing assignments, group work, business cases, etc.

Program Benefits:

Training will help participants to control their voices, intonation, to regulate the rate of communication, to convey the information exactly and clearly, will teach the rules of dialogue for incoming and outgoing calls, hasten the process of the conversation with a client (time saving), hear and listen to a customer etc.

Program Fee:250 AZN

The program fee cover program tuition and all other written and electronic materials, including certificates

Duration: 2 days


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