Training Overview:

The rhythm of modern life requires of us to be constantly organized and plan our actions. It is proper time management and arrangement of the working day that determines success. We often ask ourselves: “What is the best way to schedule our work in order to reach our goals?” This training will help answer this and many other questions concerning effective time management.

Who Should Apply?

The training is intended for all in business.

Key Topics:

 Concept of Time Management
 Strategic and Tactical Planning
 Prioritization
 Time-absorbers
 Self-motivation
 Work load control;
 Concept of laziness;
 Time management standards and techniques.

Interactive tools:

Video analysis, tests, role playing, writing assignments, group work, business cases, etc.

Program Benefits:

Our time management training course will help you to become:
• More productive but less busy
• More organised
• Less stressed
• More motivated

Program Fee: 150 AZN

The program fee cover program tuition and all other written and electronic materials, including certificates.

Duration:1 day


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