Training overview:

While training is an indispensable part of any organization, the success of any training intervention requires the skills of dynamic and creative individuals who will combine and organize learning activities for its target audience.Training the Trainers (T3 or ToT) will give you an introduction to training and presentation skills. It discusses the different elements of a well-run training program: planning, design, implementation, marketing, and trainer skills. More importantly, it allows the future trainers to connect with individuals and allow them to learn within the spirit of mutual love, respect, and care in the learning environment.

Who Should Apply?

The program is suited to those who are fairly new to training, those who train on an occasional basis or the experienced trainer aiming to strengthen the skills and traits needed for the task. It is also designed for classroom trainers interested in peer observation, study groups and mentoring; in-house coaches; and curriculum coordinators..

Key Topics:

 Understanding the Dynamics of Personality
 The Power of the Word
 How Adults Learn
 Managing Adult Expectations
 The Art of Coaching
 Packaging and Designing the Learning Experience
 The Use of Resources
 Presentation Skills
 Presentation Teams
 Evaluating Learning
 Individual Presentations

Interactive tools:

Video analysis, tests, role playing, writing assignments, group work, business cases, etc.

Program Benefits:

 By the end of this course, you will be able to:
 Identify training needs;
 Combine and organize learning activities;
 Use varied resources and methods in presenting topics;
 Organize group and individual presentations;
 Prepare creative training publicity materials;
 Choose the level of technology needed to deliver outstanding learning results; and
 Design evaluation forms.

Program Fee: 350 AZN

The program fee cover program tuition and all other written and electronic materials,including certificates.

Duration: 3 days


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