Training overview:

The development of people‟s performance in the workplace is critical to the success of your organisation. The Training & Development (T&D) process has the potential to make a strong positive impact on the performance of individuals, teams and the business as a whole. This toolkit is designed as a step-by-step aid to Training and Development Practitioners and anyone with responsibility for training within organisations. It will support you in developing and implementing successful Training Policies & Procedures which are aligned with the Business Strategy and Objective

Who Should Apply?

HR managers&specialists,T&D Managers and specialists.

Key Topics:

 Introduction to T&D
 Why Train?
 Stages of the Training & Development Process
 Business Plan
 Training & Development Policy & Strategy
 Mission
 Objectives
 Policy & Procedures
 SWOT Analysis of T&D Environment
 Training & Development Needs Analysis
 Tools & methods for identifying training needs
 Training Needs Analysis Diagnostics
 The Meta Planning Technique
 Training & Development Plan
 Implementation of Training & Development

Interactive tools:

Video analysis, tests, role playing, writing assignments, group work, business cases, etc.

Program Benefits:

It might help to broaden your understanding of how learning and development is applied in life of organizations by considering various forms of development. The steps and stages in the Training & Development process are outlined along with practical tips and tools for you to use when implementing in your organisation. If you follow the stages outlined and complete the suggested exercises of training, you will have in place all the foundations for a successful Training & Development Strategy and Plan for your business.

Program Fee: 350 AZN

The program fee cover program tuition and all other written and electronic materials, including certificates.

Duration: 3 days

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